Beneath the Score

Windsor Festival OrchestraThroughout our programmes and projects in 2015 we will be exploring a new programme concept, one which will engage with our audience, breaking down the barriers of the stage, bringing the composers and their stories to life with readings, actors, art, verse and visual images. Each concert will explore a different aspect of classical music, going behind the scenes.  We will be looking at what inspired the composers to write as they did, the meanings of their great works, exploring the times that they were written in and taking a journey together, going deep into the heart of some of the greatest classical literature. 

Our discovery of what lies behind the notes enables us to relate classical music to everyone and bring this incredible art form to life, at the same time enriching the knowledge and love of those already more familiar.

In the next concerts we will explore what Shakespeare's legacy had created in music, engage in the battle of a very human love triangle, see the power of politics and experience the great power of nature.