Adjourned but Still in Session

Adjourned but Still in Session

Adjourned but Still in Session is our brand-new platform developed to enable performance in the time of Coronavirus. We bring you online recitals performed from our homes to you, enabling our freelance musicians to play on, and you to enjoy some beautiful music, providing momentary relief from the current unprecedented situation and supporting your well-being. Principals from the orchestra and guest friends (such as winners of the Windsor Festival International String Competition) will present individual 30-minute performances live for you via YouTube streaming. In each recital our musicians will perform repertoire they had been preparing for upcoming performances, as well as explore their creativity, their personal favourites and their unique insights and thoughts on their chosen repertoire. 

Audiences buy tickets via donation to receive the private, unlisted, viewing link to the performance. All income goes direct to supporting and paying the musicians, as is Orpheus Sinfonia’s charitable raison d’etre, striving to enable the successful careers of exceptional young musicians. At this incredibly difficult time for the music-industry, determined as we are to be resilient, your support is crucial and truly will make a significant difference. 

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and necessary lockdown, our brilliant freelance musicians find themselves in a desperate situation, all performance work evaporated overnight, adjourned without any current ability to reschedule. Suddenly, through no fault of their own, they find themselves without work and an income, their livelihoods in grave danger and an uncertain future ahead. 

Orpheus, led by our musicians, has evolved as quickly as possible, adapting and exploring our creativity to meet the changing circumstances and new situations we all now find ourselves in. Providing our musicians with performance opportunity and purpose at this time, these online concert platforms enable the exploration of their creativity and artistic identity, whilst offering those at home momentary escape and respite from the situation, emotional uplift, well-being and cultural connection.  

Performances are shared pro bono with those who are isolated, vulnerable and have lost all income, something we are keen to spread to all those most in need.  

Please simply get in touch with any requests for this access:

The imaginative series Adjourned but Still in Session. This is one of the innovative ideas characteristic of the orchestra’s approach, tackling the hurdles of the COVID-19 period with thirty-minute programmes of all kinds, ‘live-streamed’ on YouTube by the orchestra’s freelance musicians.

Malcolm Millar

Classical Music Daily

Coronavirus presents a huge threat to the livelihoods of the young musicians in Orpheus Sinfonia so I am extremely proud to support their efforts in creating these astonishing online recitals for music-lovers everywhere.

Dame Judi Dench

Patron, Orpheus Sinfonia


The series is now being developed to include a whole array of content for children – part of our MULTIPLAY work, and exploring how we can incorporate these innovations into a return to live performance.

Adjourned but Still in Session concert trailers

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