Beneath the Score

In a unique series, curated by Artistic Director Thomas Carroll, we discover what lies “Beneath the Score”. This ongoing series is designed to bring classical music to life and demystify it by revealing more of the story behind the music and more about the character and influences of the composers.

Anyone unfamiliar with the standard repertoire can be drawn in to a subject and expand their appreciation, whilst a seasoned concert-goer can explore these pieces to a deeper level gaining even more from the genius of the composer featured.

We reveal the music through performance but also the composers’ lives, emotions and personalities, the times in which they lived, the inspiration and the messages in the music, through readings, art, verse and visual images. Working with outstanding young actors, we bring these works to life in a variety of intriguing, innovative and interesting ways.

Orpheus Sinfonia Beneath The Score

Themes so far have included:


the Enigmatic


The Beethoven Effect


Unfinished Business

The People's


The Power

of Nature

Romeo & Juliet

Through Music

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