Sophie Gledhill – Cello 

Sunday 11 April 2021, premieres at 6pm, available thereafter

Join cellist Sophie Gledhill on a global musical journey, CelloTrek, to discover songs and culture from far flung corners of the world. Enjoy a globetrotting escape from the comfort of your own home, taking you from Easter Island to Norway, Uruguay to Afghanistan, and more besides. Part of Orpheus Sinfonia’s Adjourned Synergy series.


Sophie Gledhill – Cello
Tom Fleming – Guitars


Himno a Hotu Matu’a
trad. Rapanui, arr. Sophie Gledhill
Eatnemen Vuelie (Song of the Earth) 
– Frode Fjellheim, arr. Emily Crocker
Taraanh E Bahar (Song of Spring) 
– trad. Afghan
Le jardin féerique (The Fairy Garden)
– Maurice Ravel, arr. Gwyn Seymour
Pemung Jae (Being Together)
– trad. Kenyah Junto al Jagüey (Under the Jagüey) – Rodríguez/Torrealba, arr. Adrian Varela
Les échassiers (The Tattlers)
– trad. Hiw Island, arr. Barbara Idieder
Gånglek från Älvdalen (Walking Game from Älvdalen)
– trad. Älvdalen, arr. Tom Fleming

Premieres on 11 April at 6pm, and available to watch on demand thereafter.

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