featuring Beethoven’s Eroica Symphony


Thursday 3rd November 2022, 7:30pm

Thursday 3 November 2022, 7.30pm

Thomas Carroll: Conductor & Presenter
Orpheus Sinfonia 

Programme to include:

Beethoven Symphony No. 3 in Eb major, Op. 55 “Eroica”

Few composers faced more difficulty in their life than Beethoven who at the height of his creativity began losing his hearing. The way he responded with Resilience is one of the most inspiring stories of all time, which he channelled into creating some of the most beloved music ever written.

Through Beethoven’s words and letters in the first half we explore his incredible life and personality epitomised in one of the most inspiring and uplifting pieces of music ever written: The Eroica Symphony. The evening will culminate with a performance of Eroica in full.

£15: Front Nave & Front Row Balcony
£10: Rear Nave & Front Side Aisles
£5: Rear Side Aisles & Side Balcony
£5: Students

Unreserved within each area

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