Did you know that the average cost of an Orpheus Sinfonia concert is several thousands of pounds? 

Even taking into account income from ticket sales for a sell-out concert, the generous contribution of sponsors and the kindness of established soloists, many of whom play for a fraction of their normal fee, our income level for a concert falls far short of our total expenditure. Orpheus Patrons are a vital income stream in the funding of concerts and without their contribution it would be impossible to maintain the number and excellence of our concerts throughout the year. You can support the talented young musicians of the Orpheus Sinfonia by sponsoring a Chair in the orchestra or becoming a Patron.

Become an Orpheus Patron, and become part of our family:

There are several ways in which you can give your financial support to the Orpheus Sinfonia as a Patron and all of these are important in helping us to fund the core activities of the Orpheus Sinfonia throughout each annual season. This truly enables the musicians to explore their creativity, building our musical identity and resulting electrifying performances. All Friends receive our regular news updates and are invited to watch behind the scenes rehearsals with the orchestra, meet and chat with members of the orchestra, receive complimentary access to selected online performances, and exclusive invitations to private events. 


Join the Orchestra Circle, and become a core member of our family

By joining the Orchestra Circle you can directly support the orchestra by paying for the cost of a player’s chair. Your donation will enable a musician to remain involved in all the performance opportunities of the Orpheus Sinfonia’s orchestral season for the year.

This is a very special way of showing your appreciation and commitment to the Orpheus Sinfonia and you can be certain that your donation will be hugely appreciated by the talented young musicians who make up our orchestra. You will have the opportunity to sit alongside the musician of your chair in rehearsals and enjoy drinks with them at concerts. 

Chair sponsors are invited to exclusive annual events and have the chance to really get to know the musicians, alongside all the benefits of being an Orpheus Patron.

Orpheus Patron Overture

£30 annually / £2.50 monthly

Orpheus Patron Symphony

£250 annually / £21 monthly

Orpheus Patron Divertimento

£100 annually / £8.50 monthly

Orchestra Circle Chair/Soloist/Podium

£1500 / £3750 / £5000 annually

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