The People’s Politics


Thursday 28th April, 2015 7:30PM

St. George’s Church, Hanover Square, London W1S 1FX

Politics has long had its influence on classical music, no matter how ‘un-musical’ this may seem. Right from early on, classical music was at times dependent on the politics of the day to create, fund and promote it.  Composers such as Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven, to name a mere few, worked for particular courts and counts whose patronage made it possible for these musicians to compose. This evening we celebrate some of the famous music created as a result of this patronage and also the many occasions where classical music was written as a direct or indirect comment on the political situation in environments where no other form of expression could.

From Haydn’s comic farewell symphony; where he was subtly asking his patron, Prince Nikolaus Esterhazy, to allow the musicians leave to return to their families after a longer than expected stay at his court, through to the powerful statements by Shostakovich, we will explore many different famous works and the background in which they were written. As always narrative, readings of letters and imagery will accompany the evening.

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